Eugenia-alana Mitsanas
"Sky Mandala Project""Sky Mandala Project" "Sky Mandala Project""Sky Mandala Project""Sky Mandala Project""Sky Mandala Project""Sky Mandala Project"
"Sky Mandala Project"
is an installation of wood, yarn, and black lights created by Sky Mandala Camp for Burning Man, a counter-culture arts and music festival of 55,000 people that exists for a week in the Nevada desert.

Staying true to 2011 Burning Man's festival theme "Rites of Passage" and philosophy of "leave no trace" we create an interactive mandala canopy-archway with the physical integrity to sustain extreme weather and with easy disassembly at the festival's close.

At night, to our surprise, our piece interacts beautifully with Mark Lottor's "The Diamond Tower", a 40ft tall rhombus shaped tower of computer controlled color changing LED lights, creating ever-changing spectacular visual effects.

*Sky Mandala Camp art team includes: Sedonya T. Sedonne, Magnus Schevene, Carly Patterson, Aurora Nicolier, Leif Rey, Leslie Benson, Quinn McLaughlin, Jim Hurley, Noel Chandler, Charles Freeman, Jennifer Freitas, Craig Dalsant, Marc Bejarano, Ayden Bremner, Robert Janca